Mission Statement:

To help guide high school youth in "Urban Communities" through experiences that will empower them to become tomorrow's community leaders


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Objectives and Goals

The Teen Summit goal  is to empower our High School Youths in the different geographical urban areas that may not get the opportunities in other areas of the city. The objective is to have 16-25 youth leaders to organize a youth summit at their school and in their immediate community. These students will be addressing some very important issues in their community with some key groups, i.e. local community policemen, business owners, educators (high school and colleges), ministers, and peers. The outcome of the summit will be the “Call to Action” that will help build a process of bringing this community and other sectors together to build on a relationship and partnership with each other. We are starting grassroots’ initiatives to a new approach to aim to reduce the violence and engage in empowering our youth in the high crime areas.

LBJ  Early College High School      Austin, Texas.

Current Teen Summit Participants 

We are wanting to make sure that we empower these youths to make a difference in our school’s , as well as the surrounding communities. 

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Past and Present Speakers of P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Teen Summit

Shavonda “Fuji” Walker 

Shavonda “Fuji” Walker is a Minister, Wife, Mother and Grandmother. She was born and raised in California. She is currently the Executive Assistant/ Board Liaison for The Health Collaborative, which is a non-profit organization. Ms. Walker is the Program Manager of “Young Minds Matter”. She has a traveling team, Minister Vincent Robinson, Pastor Marcus McIntyre, Coral Martinez, Roxanne Ryals and Sylvia Luna, Ma, LPC-S, LCDC.

Fuji and her team from “Young Minds Matter” actively work in the schools and church communities to give youth a voice in matters such as bullying, anxiety, depression and suicide. Young Minds Matter was created to provide a safe place for youth to express what’s on their minds and most importantly to assure them that what’s on their minds does matter.

Shavonda and her team, have partnered with P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit for the last two school years.  They have brought their professional expertise on mental issues such as bullying, anxiety, suicide to this forum to guide and give the youth a positive perspective.

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Nico LaHood 

District Attorney (2015-2018) Bexar County

Nicholas “Nico” LaHood was sworn-in as Bexar County’s Criminal District Attorney on January 1, 2015. Born and raised in San Antonio, LaHood has always had a spirit to serve. Nico LaHood graduated from Central Catholic Marianist High School and attended St. Mary’s University, where he earned his B.A. in Finance and Financial Services. He went on to receive his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s School of Law. LaHood remained in San Antonio, where he worked as a criminal defense attorney for twelve years. 

 “I want the community to know that the oath we take as prosecutors are not just words,” said District Attorney LaHood. “The oath to seek justice means something to me. As a man of faith, the oath goes hand in hand with Micah 6:8: What does the Lord ask of you? But to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.” (LaHood)

Nico, has partnered with P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit for the last two school years  He has brought his legal expertise to guide and give the youth a positive perspective from a District Attorney and Private Lawyer outlook.

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Andrea Hardeman

Executive Director, Talent Acquisition at Harland Clarke

Experienced Talent Acquisition Leader with Demonstrated Performance in Diversity Recruitment and College Program implementation. Skilled in Career Development, Coaching, Process/Strategy Creation, Sales, Cold Calling, and Team Building. Strong Communications professional pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in I/O Psychology from Capella University.


Andrea has partnered with P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit for the last two school years. She has brought her business expertise to guide and give the youth a positive perspective from a national based outlook.

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Chief William McManus

Police Chief San Antonio Police Department

Chief William McManus was appointed March 2006 as the San Antonio Police Chief. There are over 2,000 sworn officers, as well as 800 civilian positions that Chief McManus oversees. The curricula at the Academy has change under his leadership. This curricula has created a better partnership with the San Antonio community.


Chief McManus has partnered with P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit. He has brought his law enforcement expertise to guide and give the youth a positive and real perspective from a Chief of Police outlook.

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Lawrence Scott, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Texas A&M San Antonio

Dr. Lawrence Scott was raised on the Eastside of San Antonio, Texas. He was the product of the urban community of San Antonio. He vowed that he would make a difference through getting his education. He is now an Assistant Professor teaching Educational Leadership focusing on training teachers to become transformational leaders in the K-12 sector.

Dr. Scott has a passion for the youth. He puts a great amount of effort towards overseeing as the Executive Director the daily operations and implementation of the Community for Life Foundation. This foundation is designed to education, enrich and empower individuals who desire to make a positive contribution to improve the lives of others in our community locally to make an impact globally.

Dr. Scott has partnered with P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit for the last two school years. He has brought his education expertise to guide and give the youth a positive perspective from a Professor and higher education outlook.


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Marcus McIntyre

Pastor The Well Experience

Pastor Marcus “Mac” McIntyre has spent 19 years preaching and eight years pastoring. He is a minister at “The Well Experience”.  He is married to Nicole and have a beautiful daughter, Ru’Margie. He has his Bachelor Degree in Theology from Guadalupe Theological Seminary.

Pastor McIntyre has a big heart for the youth and young adults. Pastor Mac has a unique ability to pastor all ages. He has dedicated his life to building the community and changing lives.

Pastor Mac has partnered with P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit for the last two school years.  He has brought his expertise to the youth when there are questions about ministry from a “young and non-traditional” mindset.

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"Paula A. Monroe has been in the marketing and media business for 26 years. She has been an entrepreneur for 12 years. She is President & Marketing Director of P.A.M. Media Consultants. In 2016 God put on her heart to push through to communicate to our youth. As she pushed through, P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit was created. Paula put together a nine-week program that focus on empowering our youth to participate and organize an “Urban Youth Summit”. The program has a strenuous curriculum and lesson plan that is followed for nine weeks. Each summit has been very successful and the youth have gained empowerment, leadership skills, and community commitment, and self-esteem. Paula’s compassion for our urban and inter-city communities is shown through her dedication to make sure that she gets this nine-week program in every school community that she can. She is on a mission for God! "

Paula A. Chaison-Monroe, MBA
President & CEO P.A.M. Media Outreach Urban Communities Teen Summit

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